Upcoming Changes

Date Change
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Adding a TransactionTypeCategory and MetadataApprovalStatus properties to endpoints returning transactions details
For more historical changes, see archived updates

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – API

What is changing?

PEX is adding two new properties as part of response in GET/Details/TransactionDetails, GET/Details/TransactionDetails/{Id} and GET/Details/AllCardholderTransactions

  • TransactionTypeCategory :- This gives more information about TransactionType. For TransactionType = Transfer there could be multiple TransactionTypeCatagory such as Business account fee or Card account fee etc

  • MetadataApprovalStatus :- Specifies the the status of the metadata (Tags, receipt image file) associated with transaction. Possible values are Approved, Rejected, Ignored and Not Reviewed.

How does it affect you?

These properties provide ability to filter transaction retrieval on basis of approval status and transaction type category. This is backward compatible change. You may choose to ignore new properties

When is this change happening?

PEX will release this change on May 30, 2018.