Message Codes

Below is a list of message codes and the corresponding messages that can be returned when a transaction is declined.

Message Code Message Description
decline.rule.location International transactions not allowed The transaction originated from a merchant located outside the United States.
decline.rule.cardnotpresent Card not present The card must be physically present and swiped at the point of sale in order for the transaction to be authorized. Online purchases and situations where the card data is manually entered into a point of sale machine will be declined.
decline.rule.velocity Transaction exceeded daily spend limit Transaction amount exceeds the daily spend limit set in the spending rule assigned to the card.
decline.rule.velocity.mcc Transaction exceeded merchant category limit Transaction amount exceeds the maximum spend limit for the merchant category specified in the spending rule.
decline.rule.mcc Unauthorized merchant category: (merchant-category) The spending ruleset assigned to the card does not allow a spend at this type of merchant. Insufficient balance in PEX Account For customers utilizing business balance only. PEX business balance is less than that of the transaction amount.
decline.remote Remote service decline For customers participating in remote authorization only. The transaction was not authorized by the remote service.
decline.mcc Transaction type not allowed PEX does not allow transactions at certain types of merchants.
decline.balance.card Transaction exceeded current card balance The card balance does not include enough funds to honor the transaction.
  • Card Status New Card Pending Activation
  • Card Status Inactive
  • Card Status Closed
  • The card is not in an active status. The business administrator must activate the card prior to use. PIN Verification Check The card holder is using an incorrect PIN.
    decline Do not honor The transaction was declined for another reason not specified above.