(Signature) Authorization

When a PEX card is used to make a (signature) purchase, a merchant will request an authorization for a charge to the card and an authorization event is generated. The authorization request checks that the funds are available on the card and can be either Approved or Declined.

If the authorization is successful, the transaction amount will be placed on hold on the card for a period of time, reducing the amount available for other purchases. If the purchase is not settled ('captured') within this time, the hold is canceled and on-hold funds are released. This hold period is typically five days, but may vary by merchant.

Note that a transaction using a PIN will not generate an authorization event. See PIN Transaction for details on webhooks for PIN transactions.

Sample approved authorization webhook:

"CallbackTime": "2017-09-07T04:03:36.5738865-04:00",
"Data": {
"MerchantName":"Merch Name",
"TerminalId":"6548526 ",