Transaction Reversal

A merchant may decide to reverse a previous authorization and release the funds that were previously on hold for a given purchase. This will result in an increase to the available funds on the account. A merchant may also decide to reverse a PIN Transaction, in which case the funds that were debited from the account will be credited back to the account.

"CallbackTime": "2017-09-07T04:05:43.4025944-04:00",
"Data": {
"MerchantName":"Merch Name",
"TerminalId":"6548526 ",

A note about reversals

If available, the AuthTransactionId can be used to find the associated authorization which is being reversed. However, the id of the associated authorization may not always be available. Visa reviewed thousands of authorization reversal transactions over a three month period and found that many merchants send incomplete or incorrect information in the reversal message. This means that the issuer is not able to properly identify and remove the matching authorization hold.