Transaction Decline

PEX may determine that a transaction should not be honored, based on various criteria. For example, the transaction may not comply with the restrictions ('rules') placed on the card or sufficient funds are not available. In this situation, a decline event is generated. The decline webhook includes details about the transaction and the reason for the decline.

A declined transaction can be identified by having "NetworkStatus":"Declined"

Sample transaction decline webhook:

"CallbackTime": "2017-09-07T03:36:19.0333786-04:00",
"Data": {
"MerchantName":"Merch N",
"Message": "Unauthorized merchant category: Hardware Stores",

Decline reasons

Details about why a transaction was declined is provided in the "Message" field.
Transaction decline reasons are categorized by a unique and self describing "MessageCode" identifying either a single decline reason or a category of decline reasons.
You can find list of message codes and corresponding messages here

Additional information about declined transactions can be found in the Knowledge Base.